Take a tip from your little sister. You want to be happy again? You want to live again? You need to learn to forget.

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you know, lady gamora, even when we first met , while i was beating you to death, i thought to myself: i bet she and i could be friends.
i thought the same, angela… as i was beating you to death.

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favorite character meme → [2/4] relationships
↳ amy and her daughter


Andrea Sorrentino!!!

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So now my mutant name is magicbus?

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Alfred Pennyworth


i feel safe knowing that he is a guardian of our galaxy

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iamsamh2 said: I'm 41 years old and only started reading comic books about two years ago. I totally got hooked and put together a nice little collection to make up for lost time. Recently, I've read that Steve Rogers won't be Captain America anymore, Wolverine will die soon, and Thor will be a woman. Is this an abnormal amount of change for such a short amount of time? Long-time readers might welcome change, but it's a turnoff for me. Part of the draw for me is the rich history of these characters. Thoughts?


It’s a double-edged sword because these changes and cycles are part of  what makes the character’s rich history so rich.

 what you like the most about these characters are the biggest chances that creators took with them. also the things you like least about them are because of the biggest chances that creators took with them :-)

 but honestly you never know what you’re going to have until it’s finished.

 as always I say go ahead and read what you like. the stories are supposed to make you happy. Vote with your wallet. support the characters and creators that you think deserve your support.

 and if you don’t like what’s going on with your favorite character right now most of them have decades of comics for you to dig into.

  it really is my favorite thing about comics, there literally is something for everybody